Because Nappy is Life

Living for all the beautiful photos on this site? So are we!

Most of the images on Ubuntu are from Nappy Co, which seeks to deliver “beautiful, high-res photos of black and brown people. For free.”

With the majority of stock image services being too expensive, inaccessible, and lacking diversity – Nappy Co is a dream! From black mathematicians to athletes – Nappy Co has it all. The images are stunning and go beyond stereotypical depictions of our people. Their categories include:

  • Active

  • Food

  • People

  • Places

  • Things

  • Work

If you’re a black or brown designer, curator, or developer, check out nappy dot co. The requirements are simple: “Refrain from re-selling these photos, re-posting on other stock photo website/services, or using these photos to degrade or insult its subjects.”

Even you’re not a designer or developer, check out the site and share your beautiful images with our community.