Ubuntu: the Collective seeks to spark conversations and action on the issues and opportunities impacting the global black diaspora. We’re excited to co-create and imagine an intellectually invigorating, culturally thriving, and uplifting space with you.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind as we create this community:

On Posts

  • We prioritize, and welcome, content from members of the black diaspora.

  • Topics are not limited to politics, race, or culture. We’re open to a mix of topics, as well as modes of writing/delivery (nonfiction, poetry, prose, videos, social media stories, etc.)

  • You are welcome to repost/republish content from Ubuntu: the Collective to other venues. However, the original writer(s) and and the platform must be reference and credited. Our people have endured enough physical, intellectual, and cultural theft, we cannot perpetuate such practices.

On Comments

We reserve the right to delete comments that:

  • Perpetuate bias and hate on the grounds of race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender identification, ability, income, etc.

  • Personally attack or threaten members of the community. As an alternative space, we welcome critiques of those in positions of power and influence, particularly on the issues impacting our communities. However, these criques should be focused on issues and not materialize into personal attacks.

Thanks for reading and for joining the Ubuntu movement.